G(Godly) - MEN

The AFCC Men Fellowship

WE ARE MEETING on SATURDAYS @  10:00am in the Hope Activity Center or will  send notification via email/text for any changes in time or location. 

In April of 2010 while the AFCC was searching for new leadership, God stepped forward as He always does and provided a Pastor with a clear vision that an essential ingredient was missing in the foundational building blocks in His Church.

Pastor Doug knew in his walk with GOD that in the Kingdom certain organization was required.

A strong family demands a Godly man at its head and a community requires those same Godly men to be involved in its leadership. Intuitively the only source to produce these Godly leaders is from the crucible of GOD's training center "The Church"

And the Men's Ministry was established to supply these Godly Men and was appropriately called "G-MEN

I want to hesitate here for just a moment and raise our hands in praise to GOD in heaven and this is crucial and critical to this witness.

19 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19 KJV

From the G-Men GOD produced to His Glory so many things that must be given praise not least of which were Husbands and Fathers to make strong homes and families. Lay ministers in the church who became competent leaders on the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and men able and willing to give the sermon message any Sunday that a substitute was required in the pulpit.

As if this wouldn't be enough to praise but then God showed off and dazzled us with the " Hope Activity Center" where He brought forward the G-Men leadership to organize the congregation and once again "….. supply all our need…."

Without the financing or particular building and construction skills necessary to accomplish any of this the G-men began to pray for this vision and efficiently and effectively God produced not only the financing but:

  • Architectural drawings- Rusty Muyuela (volunteer)
  • Sitework and Concrete - Chuck Moe (Ministry of Hard Hats for Christ)
  • Carpentry and management - Joe Newton (Ministry of Hard Hats for Christ)
  • Mechanical System - Juliano Wilson ( Duramax )

As we are praising God and shouting from the mountain top the glorious works of His hands I want to bring us back to the fact that God used the congregation of AFCC and the leadership of its G-Men for all of this work. So much more can be said from this but the importance of men that the Pastor saw cannot be over stated. All men of the church are welcome to Join us!

The "G-Men" 2011 from left to right:Pastor Doug Hiebenthal, Jake Degamo, Patrick Berry, Rey Salamanca, Rafael Grytz, Andre' Harris, Gary Johnson, Kenny Brummer(front) and Sonny Aguinaldo.

The "G-Men" 2011 from left to right:Pastor Doug Hiebenthal, Jake Degamo, Patrick Berry, Rey Salamanca, Rafael Grytz, Andre' Harris, Gary Johnson, Kenny Brummer(front) and Sonny Aguinaldo.



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Winter-Spring SCHEDULE

The G-MEN classes and meetings:

Start on ()and meet every other weekend unless notified via email.

(Refer the rest of the book chapters per G-Men Saturday Class in attendance)

Ministry Projects


Keep on filling up the Hope Activity Center with new or mature Christian believers so we can glorify and praise the true living God forever installing a roof between the Hope Activity Center and Grace Hall.

Re-graveling unpaved parking spaces.


Painting the walls in the Worship Center.


Filling up the Hope Activity Center with new or mature Christian believers so we can glorify and praise the true living God forever.


Building the Storage Shed lead by Troy Brighouse and the GMEN.


Completion of the Hope Activity Center.


Construction to completion of the Hope Activity Center.


1. Installing a 200-seating multi-purpose building-Hope Activity Center- lead by Mr. Steve Hutchinson(Project Manager) and Mr.  Patrick Berry behind the Grace Hall area. The G-Men, AFCC Women and the AFCC Youth will be teaming up with the professional assistance by the Hard Hats For Christ in  construction...

Above and below pictures were taken during the Groundbreaking Ceremony on Sunday June 16, 2013 (Father's Day) after the service. Below will be the exact site of the "Hope Activity Center".
Shown above is the Week 3 for the Hope Activity Center construction.

The concrete drying process below during Week 4, Week 5 and Week 6.
Week 7 & Week 8 of the Hope Activity Center below...We greatly thanks God for sending the professional assistance of the Hard Hats For Christ that enhanced the rapid progression of this project upon reaching at this stage...
Week 8 and Week 9 construction below...

Week 9 and Week 10 shown above (completion of the roof ) and below (windows & siding installation ) of the Hope Activity Center 
The congregation also posing below during the AFCC 26th Year Anniversary and the PHASE I completion
2. Security Alarm system installation by Patrick Berry and Steve Hutchinson.

3. Carpet or hardwood installation in the Grace Hall stairs and to the second floor conference rooms and storage.

4. Installing sheet rock then painting the walls around the stairs going down to the Grace Hall basement area by Andre' Harris and the GMen.


 Front gate and putting up the fence for the playground, moving the swings and monkey bars ( lead by Michael Presley)

1. New hardwood floors installation in Grace Hall Area by Steve Hutchinson and Patrick Berry.

2. Installation planning for the 200-seating multi-purpose building(a.k.a Hope Activity Center) lead by Steve Hutchinson behind the Grace Hall area.


1. Renovating the Grace Hall basement for both youth and kids classrooms ( lead by Patrick Berry, Gary Johnson and Andre' Harris)

The Grace Hall Basement


"We will be sharing some pictures of our basement renovation in this page as it unfolds to completion lead by Mr. Patrick Berry and Mr. Andre' Harris."

March 19, 2011

Dan, the light duty "Supervisor", planning in the basement. The basement kitchen above
The restrooms
Stairs going up to the main kitchen
A basement view from east to west
 The basement stairs to the backyard


The building and the yard maintenance around the church and the Grace Hall

Andre' ( above) is ready to cut something. Let's do the Tango who has a bad back?
A short pause for Pastor Doug
Whoaah...a good looking lawn mower
Jake is doing a good job above and so is Raf. Hey Raf ! Are you okay there !..(-:

Looking through after the next 2 years

Installing a 200-seating multi- purpose building behind the Grace Hall area

Above; Spearheaded by Chuck Moe of the Hard Hat For Christ,  Patrick Berry, and Roy Smith "initializing" the construction process of the Hope Activity Center... and below; Patrick Berry is applying the "final touch" on the gravel...Also Mark Cadatal, Steve Hutchinson, Harold and Richard Pauley, Jake Degamo, Jovita Mcdonald, Lanny Smith, Ema, Tatay, and many more volunteers shared their time with this ministry...The WINGs Ministry lead by Amy Aguinaldo and Rosa Berry provided the much needed snacks and help around the men. The Youth Group were also eager to lend their hands for whatever assistance they can offer...Wow! this is really a great sight and practical visualization of how a church as one body works together for the glory of God!!!...Its just so beautiful and so encouraging....

The introduction of the heavy equipment digger  above and the aftermath below...(-:

Pastor Doug is leading the way below with a lot of concentration or undivided attention...(-:

Young and old, tall or small, strong and weak, lets do it and let's have fun and joy in serving the greatest God of All !!!!

Passage For Everyday

Luke 17:7-10:

7 “When a servant comes in from plowing or taking care of sheep, does his master say, ‘Come in and eat with me’? 8 No, he says, ‘Prepare my meal, put on your apron, and serve me while I eat. Then you can eat later.’ 9 And does the master thank the servant for doing what he was told to do? Of course not. 10 In the same way, when you obey me you should say, ‘We are unworthy servants who have simply done our duty.’”